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For over 40+ years, Dr. James Elist has been pioneering developments in men’s sexual dysfunction, sexual health and fertility. With his revolutionary Penuma soft-silicone penile implant and testicular implant, he has helped thousands of men redefine their own limits of sexual ability, size and in-turn self-confidence. Below are just a small number of testimonials and reviews we have received from patients after receiving the Elist implant. With so many successful cases and results, we are confident that if you are interested in male sexual enhancement, we have the solution for you.
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Dr Elist Review 
by Canada on Aug 4th, 2014

From my arrival in the office until I left, Silvia, Omead, and Dr.Elist were welcoming, understanding, and supportive throughout my visit.


The surgery was perfect and good services so I'm happy with this.

Submitted Aug. 11, 2014




new me
by eugene on Jul 25th, 2014

I feel like I am now the man that I talk about. I'm the sense that I have have always talked the talk and may have seemed to walk the walk but I have always been embarrassed and ashamed. People that knew me would think that my penis was big. Well now it is and I have only one person I would love to share it with. I know my wife has been putting up with my small size because she loves me and this is actually going to be a big surprise for her. Not only the size but the fact that I want to only please her as well as myself with the new me. I have the confidence many would already think that I had I can write a story on how much I BELIEVE this will help not only myself but my marriage as well. Its funny thinking when I was younger I thought I would want to share a big with cute girl in the world now having one I really want to share it with my hot and gorgeous wife that loved me so much she put up with the smaller side of me No Joke she confessed she had been faking and that took a toll on me. But whether or not I have another shot at what was once I thought the perfect bond I now can focus on my happiness and not be afraid or embarrassed to wrestle,play football,park our,breakdance, learn karate or talk to the most beautiful girl in the room. My smallest hurdle became the biggest one to conquer but I have and I'm ready to jump! Always with love to my Besito.


Had lost a t-e-s-ticle because of an accident when i was younger. So happy that found Dr Elist online. Was a bit nervous to do the surgery, but finally with Dr Elist's assureness and ny wufe's encouragement did the surgery last month. Everything has been very good so far. Healing was fast and it is really hard to differentiate my real and my silicone nut ;). So many thanks to Google to make it easier to find a solution. There are some horror stories online about this surgery that was terrifying me but when you go deeper in their stories you will find out that negligence has caused the issues not the surgery. I have taken good care of my ball sack since then by following the post op instruction and my wife has gone extra mile by massaging my nuts by antibiotic ointments.. Lol.. Love her when she does it ;) so i believe if you take good care of your part after the surgery you will be good. Adrian Ps. I wish the wait times in Dr Elist office was less than what it was for me.. It totally worth it though (tip: ask silvia for coffee and she will bring you one;) )

Submitted Aug. 8, 2014


the new XXL
by wolf skinner on Jul 15th, 2014

The doctor and staff where very welcoming. The made me feel comfortable, and answered all my question's and concerns . this is only day 2 so I will give more updates later . I recomend this doctor before any other Doctor for this surgery!!


Attentiveness and professionalism excellent. They really care that everyone has a good surgical outcome as well as personally happy with results.

Submitted Aug. 7, 2014


2nd surgery 
by j.s on May 23rd, 2014

I had my first implant put in a little over a year and loved it! The whole team is very polite and helpful with all questions and concerns. I now put in the upgradedversion of the implant its also bigger so I'm excited. Docters are very knowledgeable and considers ur needs and wants. Thank you!


Had my penile enlargement with dr elist last week. Everything good so far, pain was way less than I expected. Results are astonishing.. Not sure how my wife can handle this.. Lol.. There is a little bit of long wait times in his office but his staff's good attitude make it easy to wait. But everything else is good.

Submitted Aug. 7, 2014


removal of fat then I had the implant procedure  
by Daniel G on 
May 16th, 2014

When I first walked into the office I was very nervous but soon after I ment the staff they made me feel very comfortable.I had two procedures and every time I went to see them my experience was great .After the procedure I was in minimum pain I only had to take my pain meds for one day.I am very thankful for what they have done for me


I have had small testicles because they remained undescended since puberty. Found Dr. Elist online, talked to his consultant and his assistant and did my testicle enlargement surgery 2 weeks ago. The results has been good so far. Feels natural and almost undetectable.

Submitted July 15, 2014


penile emplant
by sbj on Apr 1st, 2014

Dr elist and staff were very profetional and very courteous and maid me feel comfortable. I had enlargement procedure and wooow

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penile implant
by Kinsley johnson on Mar 31st, 2014

It didn not take long I had a little bit of pain for a week or two but other than that my procedure was very good and I was able to go back to work in a week.


I have know Dr Elist for a number of years professionally and socially. He is at the top of his profession. 

People travel from all over the world to visit him at his Beverly Hills practice, I have had the chance to meet many of these patients and the common thread is the way Dr Elist's procedures have changed their lives for the better.

His manner, bearing and conduct are faultless and his work is of the highest quality. He lives and breathes his profession - a dedicated and genuine individual.




penile implant
by LB on Mar 17th, 2014

Up to this point, I would recommend this procedure to anyone looking to boost their self esteem or anyone looking to increase their penis size. The office staff and Doctors have been great and have taken the time to explain and answer all my questions. They have been very professional and personal, which has given me a sense of ease and comfort. I am very pleased at this point in the immediate results both in girth and length and look forward to the coming weeks as I heal and watch for the final results.


met my expectations 
by JE on Mar 6th, 2014

So far I am satisfied with the results. Today is the 4th day after my PE surgery and I have no complaints regarding all the Doctors that assisted before, during, and now after my surgery. Everyone in Dr. Elist's office is friendly and courteous, but most importantly, the results so far have met my expectations. I will keep updating my progress on a weekly basis.


I went to see Dr. Elist's about two years ago for a second opinion because my wife and I were unable to successfully have kids. After interviewing and examining me, he determined that I had a varicocele on my testicle and it was causing my infertility. Shortly after he was able to successfully remove the varicocele. I can happily say that today, thanks to Dr. Elist, my wife and I are the proud parents of a beautiful three-month-old boy. Not only did he save my marriage, but without his help and guidance I don't think I would be where I am today.



The new implant 
by M.Russell on Mar 5th, 2014

Dr Elist and Dr Vaheh have been great to me. They have always been there to answer my questions and assist me in every way possible. I've had the pleasure of have both the old and new implant. By far the new implant appears to be superior in its comfort and more natural feel. I am very pleased with my experience here. I would highly recommend Dr Elist and Dr Vaheh for anyone considering this procedure. Once again I can't say it enough they were always there for me when I needed them. Thanks


Dr. Elist is by far the most professional Dr I have ever encountered, when I was contemplating surgery I went to visit several doctors, Dr Elist was the only one that had a normal medical office. The staff is extremely courteous and understands the meaning of the word privacy! This is a delicate matter after all! I could not be happier with the results, I am so glad that I decided to embark on this journey. If you are considering surgery you owe it to yourself to go and see the doctor, it was the best decision I ever made. I have a level of confidence that I never knew was even achievable. I owe it all to Dr Elist and his staff, Sylvia and Tera are very helpful and friendly.




improvement on flexible rod prosthesis
by ßteve M on Feb 27th, 2014

Excellent care from Dr Elist, very competent staff.


Trust me when I tell you that Dr. Elist is truly one of a kind. Not only does he have decades of experience, he also invests fully in getting to know each of his patients. He is incredibly knowledgeable and professional, and he covers a wide range of sub-specialties from erectile dysfunction to prostate issues to testicular enhancement. It's no wonder he has an entire international practice that spans Europe and the Middle East. 

I visited him several months ago because I was experiencing erectile dysfunction. It was extremely comforting to know that Dr. Elist not only immediately diagnosed the issue, but he also provided a very holistic approach in his treatment plan. 

I have recommended Dr. Elist to all of my friends. Any male should seriously consider going to a urologist regardless of his age, and Dr. Elist is the best I have seen.



Brilliant Results 
by K on Feb 26th, 2014

I don't recognize my penis it's grown so much. Phenomenal results indeed.

  wellness logo
Amazing results!!!!
by Josh S. on Feb 12th, 2014

Since I live in Ohio the timing of work, flights and procedure were difficult. The office staff was the best to work with me and get all this together. Once I came for the procedure they did everything possible to make the whole experience the best it could be. The personnel at the surgery center were the best and very professional. After the procedure everything was taken care of for me and very well explained. The results from the implant were more than I expected and I'm looking forward to ... Just on the staff, the doctors and the way they helped and made sure I was comfortable, I would recommend this procedure to every man on the planet. I'm looking forward to the end of my wait time to experience a whole new me. Thank you to Dr. Elist and your staff.

Would you recommend this doctor to others?
I Already Have
Did this doctor answer all of your questions?
Every question I had was answered thoroughly
Was this doctor's staff friendly?
Yes, they went above and beyond
Was this doctor friendly?
Extremely Friendly
How would you compare this provider to others in his/her field that you have visited?
Very good
Great treatment, Great result  
by the German on Jan 17th, 2014

I came the second time for my TE(testicular enlargement) and again I am really happy with everything, making appointments, surgery, follow ups and the results really changed my life. I would like to thank Dr. Elist and his entire team for their friendly and professional attitude.

Was this doctor's staff friendly?
Yes, they went above and beyond
Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?
Were the waiting room chairs comfortable at this doctor's office?
Extremely comfortable; I could have fallen asleep
Does this doctor use current and safe equipment?
Yes; the equipment is very advanced!
Were the staff members able to answer your questions?
My Dad 
by Shadi on Dec 3rd, 2013

The staff is friendly, and Dr. Elist is very competent. He has been my dad's doctor for many years now helping him with prostate issues. I just don't like the waiting time, especially with older patients. We waited 45 minutes over the scheduled appointment. Other than that, top notch...

Suffering from micro penis all my life and after reading day and night about different remedies and techniques.. Nervously convinced myself to go and meet Dr Elist. Now 1 month after my penile enlargement surgery, I'm super happy with my results. Dr elist and his staff were very supportive and took care of me very well. My life is totally changed with the package I've got! Me and my fiance can't wait to try it out when Dr gives the green light!
by NIKO 

Office Visit
by Edward on Nov 27th, 2013

I Always appreciate doctor for his expertise and valuable knowledge of helping and his diagnoses process and professionalism .


Nov 26th, 2013

Dr. Elist is excellent. I saw him as part of a routine urological exam. He is wise and the best in his field.


Muy buena atencion excelente Doctor 
by Emilio de Val on Nov 8th, 2013

Me parecio excelente todo,desde la atencion Del dr Elist y todo su equipo.


by Marc on Oct 25th, 2013

Everything I expected thus far! I have more size, weight and thus more buldge in my pants! Very satisfied and the wife has a smile as well... Moderate pain, expected more, tube is a little uncomfortable but bearable for the 3 days. Definitely recommend it.


office visit second opinion
by jon on Oct 22nd, 2013

I was very impressed with Dr Elist knowledge and explanation of the procedure I do highly recommend him as a primary urologist or any second opinion prior to the surgery

penile implant 
by David on Oct 7th, 2013

Dr. Elist and his staff are very hospitable. They made sure I was happy with everything they did. I'm happy with the procedure and I'm excited to see how it is when it's all healed.

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