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Issues with Dr. Elist Implant or Dr Elist Negative Reviews

With thousands of successful procedures completed, Dr. James Elist has fine-tuned the Penuma subcutaneous soft silicone penile implant procedure to the point of low adverse event rates. This rivals most other cosmetic surgical procedures such as breast implant augmentation surgery. However, throughout his 40+ year illustrious career as an esteemed urologist and physician, on occasion he has encountered the fact that the largest obstacle to patient wellness is sometimes the patients themselves.

Following the Dr Elist's Post Op Directions

Following the Dr Elist's Post Op Directions While it is imperative to choose an appropriate and qualified physician to consult regarding your health, it is equally as important for the patient to follow through with the recommendations and prescriptions made by the physician. While following the doctor’s orders may seem like the obvious course of action after your doctor’s visit, in a recent poll, only about half of all patients follow their doctor’s directions, which includes medication prescriptions. The effects of this, also known as “non-compliance,” means that it may alter and prohibit a successful treatment. Certain medications or treatments prescribed depend on strict directions and orders and if not followed may not be as effective. However, it is not just medications which patients may have difficulty following. Lifestyle modifications and/or recommendations are also often overlooked by patients and can have equally as detrimental of an effect as not adhering to medication orders.

Necessity of Pre-Op and Post-Op Directions

Many surgical procedures have strict pre- as well as post-operative restrictions and orders which are necessary both for the safety of the patient as well as for achieving the best possible outcome. Such orders can include smoking cessation (the avoidance of which can compromise blood flow and healing) and activity restrictions such exercise limitations, sexual abstinence, or even certain food restrictions. Following Dr. Elist’s Penuma subcutaneous soft silicone penile implant procedure, each patient is carefully educated and instructed on post operative protocol and the reasoning behind it. Patients are encouraged to ask all questions to help create an open dialogue between the patient and doctor so that if any concerns arise in the future, the patient will feel comfortable enough to discuss them. However, it is when patients do not follow or modify Dr. Elist’s instructions that they go against medical advise, which in itself brings forth the risk of complications which is associated with the procedure's low complication rate. Among patients that adhere to Dr. Elist’s pre- as well as post-surgical protocol, prescription and recommendations, the success rate has been found to be high. If you or someone you know is considering the Elist Penuma subcutaneous soft silicone penile implant procedure and have questions about pre- and post-surgical protocol and recommendations, please feel free to contact Dr. Elist’s office to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Elist implant reviews in reputable scientific journals:
Elist Implant Scientific Reviews Image   Elist Implant Scientific Reviews Image 
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Journal:  International Journal of Impotence Research (2014) 26, 100–104; Journal:  Open Journal of Urology
Date Published:  5 December 2013 Date Published: Vol.4 No.7, July 2014
Authors: V Shirvanian(1), G Lemperle(2), C Araujo Pinto(3) and J J Elist(4)

1-Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt am Main, Frankfurt, Germany
2-Division of Plastic Surgery, University of California San Diego, San Diego, CA, USA
3-Instituto Paulista Tratamento Disfunncao Eretil, Sau Paulo, Brazil
4-James J Elist, MD, FACS, is a patent holder and uses the implant in his private practice.
 Authors: Dr. James Elist, Dr. Vaheh Shirvanian, Dr. Gottfried Lemperle
Elist Implant Scientific Reviews Image    
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Journal:  The Journal of Sexual Medicine (Volume 15, Issue 9, Pages 1216–1223)    
Date Published:  September 2018    
James J. Elist, MD, FACS, Robert Valenzuela, MD, Joel Hillelsohn, MD'Correspondence information about the author MD Joel HillelsohnEmail the author MD Joel Hillelsohn, Tom Feng, MD, Alireza Hosseini, MD    
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